Pay monthly under the terms of an escrow agreement

The Delaware County Treasurer’s Office does not determine the real estate property tax value of your land, home, or commercial property; we can make the payment process simple through the Escrow Payment Program.  The Monthly Escrow Plan was designed to pre-pay taxes for the following tax collection periods in February and July of each year.

Suppose you pay your property tax each year in February and July but would like to avoid the twice-of-year lump sum payments.  The Treasurer’s Office program provides an automatic monthly payment option drawn securely from your bank account.  The Escrow Program is an excellent solution for simplifying the payment process and staying current on real estate property taxes.

To enroll in the program, click and complete the Escrow Agreement Form below.


Pay by credit/debit card/Echeck/Digital wallet

The Treasurer accepts credit/debit card payments through a card processing company, “Paymentus”. “Paymentus” charges a convenience fee for utilizing their credit/debit card processing or eCheck services. This fee is not collected by the Delaware County Treasurer’s Office and the Treasurer’s Office negotiated a reduction in the credit card processing fees by .15% and a reduction in eCheck fees from $2.50 for transactions under $10,000 and those over $10,000 were $10.00; these fees were substantially reduced to a flat $0.85 per parcel.  The following provides a description of the convenience fees by type:

Payment Method Type Convenience Fee
Credit Cards Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express 2.30% per total transaction; $2.00 min transaction required
Debit Cards Visa $3.95 flat fee per parcel
eCheck $0.85 flat fee per parcel

You may send us an electronic real estate tax payment by charging your personal bank account through use of the eCheck at the flat per parcel convenience fee rated of $0.85.

Special Notice:  Due to changes by VISA International, each parcel is billed separately for Debit Card and eCheck transactions, not as an aggregate in your checkout cart.  For example, if you are paying for two parcels at check out each parcel is billed $0.85 for a total convenience fee of $1.70.


If you have any questions, please call us in the Delaware County Treasurer’s Office at 740.833.2480.

Pay by credit/debit card/Echeck

Contract-ACH-Automatic Deduction

If you are currently making payments to this office under the provisions of an Agreement To Pay Delinquent Tax In Installments, you may make the payments by authorizing and directing this office to deduct the payments from your checking or savings account. One of the following forms must be completed and submitted to this office to begin making payments by this method.

Home Banking “Online Bill Pay” at Your Bank

If you utilize your bank’s online bill payment and home banking capabilities, you may pay your real estate taxes using this method.

Please make sure to list the parcel number(s) from your tax bill as the account number or in a memorandum field. This will ensure a proper credit to your parcel(s) when the payment is processed.


Pay in person

Office of the Treasurer
145 North Union Street
Delaware, OH 43015


Pay by mail

Office of the Treasurer
145 North Union Street
Delaware, OH 43015


Pay at our drop box

The drop box is located in the lower parking lot, to the right of the covered drop off area, of the Hayes Administration Building which is located at 145 Union Street. The parking lot may be accessed from the East off of Union Street.