Brittany - Website Manager

Brittany is our resident expert in the area of foreclosures and bankruptcies. In these areas, Brittany works extensively with the Treasurer and with the Prosecutor’s Office to pursue these collection activities. Brittany comes to us from the Auditor’s Office and has extensive knowledge of the role of each office in the valuation and taxation of real estate in Delaware County. Brittany is our Website Manager and assists the Treasurer in developing and enhancing the online presence of the Office of the Treasurer. Brittany is extensively involved in assisting Delaware County taxpayers with online and telephone inquiries and responding to general and specific questions regarding real estate taxes.


Dawn - Records Manager

Dawn is our office specialist in regard to Online Payments and Personal Property Tax Collection. In addition, Dawn has oversight responsibility for posting daily financial transactions including wire transfers, the redemption of warrants, credit card payment transactions. Dawn also prepares the daily financial statement which is use to balance to the accounts of the County Auditor. She is the Treasurer’s designated Records Manager and makes recommendations in regard to the retention and destruction of public records according to statutory guidelines. Dawn also serves as the Treasurer’s Director of Purchasing.


Doug - Director of the Treasurer’s Division of Delinquent Tax Services

Doug is the newest addition to our staff and comes to us from the office of the Ohio Attorney General. Doug is the Director of the Treasurer’s Division of Delinquent Tax Services. In this regard, he manages an annual Sale of Delinquent Tax Liens. In addition, Doug works with Delaware County political subdivisions, including school districts, with efforts directed at monitoring the activity of delinquent tax accounts in each subdivision. He also assists delinquent taxpayers in determining the best possible payment alternatives available to reduce delinquent accounts. Doug prepares periodic reports for the Treasurer on the status of delinquent tax accounts in Delaware County.


Jessica - Specialist in Escrow Payment Programs

Jessica is our specialist in Escrow Payment Programs. Escrow payment plans are designed to allow taxpayer to pre-pay taxes for the next tax collection (February or July). Escrow payment plans allow a taxpayer to manage annual expenses by dividing real estate taxes into a more manageable monthly payment. Jessica also develops contract payment plans for taxpayers who are in arrears in the payment of real estate taxes and is our point person for the daily transmission of daily receipts received by this office to the bank.